David Kenney has 35 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering in commercial, industrial, and large scale residential projects.  He has been responsible for the design of HVAC, plumbing, and process piping for commercial offices, indoor swimming pools, restaurants and large scale food processing facilities, hazardous production material distribution and waste systems, industrial ventilation systems, radiant hydronic system, steam systems,  and chilled water systems.  The following are a few examples of Mr. Kenney’s experience:


New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Provided mechanical design for data center upgrade.  Design included 3 each 10 ton  units for company’s main data center.


Philmont Scout Ranch – Cimarron, NM – Provided mechanical and plumbing engineering for a 4,800 square foot commercial kitchen that would feed up to 3,500 persons at a sitting.  The kitchen included multiple cooking batteries, walk in cooler, dry storage, and grease interceptor system.


Taos Youth and Family Pool – Taos, NM – Provided HVAC and plumbing design for the Taos indoor municipal pool.  The project systems included pool dehumidification, air distribution, locker rooms, pool area drainage, pool equipment waste, and three hot water boilers for pool, HVAC, and domestic water.


Escalante Power Plant – Pruitt, NM – Designed custom cooling system for variable frequency drives that cooled 4,500 horsepower boiler induction fans.  System was 150 tons cooling with N+1 redundancy.


Taos Charter School, Taos, New Mexico – Provided mechanical and plumbing engineering for a gymnasium/multipurpose building for the Taos Charter School.  The building included basketball court, multipurpose room, snack bar, restrooms, and offices.  The building employed solar walls for preheating outside ventilation air.


Los Alamos Solid Waste Transfer Facility – Los Alamos, NM – Provided HVAC and plumbing design for a solid waste transfer facility and administration building.  Design included sewage lift station, radiant heating, industrial ventilation, misting system, solar heating, and radiant night sky cooling.  Administration building is seeking LEED gold certification.


Route 66 Casino – Rio Puerco, NM.  Provided HVAC and plumbing design for a major casino remodel.  Design included smoke removal , office HVAC, heat recovery, and kitchen ventilation and plumbing systems for kitchens, night club, offices, and gambling areas.


MESA Facility, Sandia National Laboratory –Albuquerque, NM – Provided engineering design for the specialty gas delivery systems for a semiconductor facility.  System delivered high purity inert and toxic gases to production tools.  Design included gas detection, exhaust abatement, industrial ventilation, and liquid waste systems.  As a separate part of this project, re-designed the liquid nitrogen delivery system for the MESA facility.


Homewood Suites – Lakewood, CO – Provided HVAC and plumbing design for a 112 room 4 story hotel.  Facility included indoor pool, workout room, guest and hotel laundry, meeting rooms, pressurized lobby and corridors, and single service kitchen.


Foods of New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM.  Provided the mechanical engineering for a 50,000 square foot food processing facility.  Project included steam and chilled water systems, high production commercial kitchen equipment, and the facilitization of tortilla machines, steam kettles, and batch food chilling equipment.


Navajo Housing Project – NM and AZ.  Provided HVAC and plumbing design for 100 housing units in various locations in New Mexico and Arizona.  Residences were 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units with five different floor plans.


Jicarilla Supermarket – Dulce, NM:  Designed mechanical and plumbing systems for a 36,000 square foot supermarket.  Project included commercial kitchen, walk in coolers, and extensive under slab plumbing.  Food display coolers utilized heat recovery to preheat outside make up air. 


Los Pecos Senior Housing – Las Vegas, NV.  Provided HVAC and plumbing design for a multi-unit housing project.  Each housing unit was provided with individual mechanical systems.  HVAC consisted of hot water coil for heating and remote refrigeration coil for cooling.  Project included one, two, and three story structures and a recreation building with offices, a spa, and weight room.


Intel Corporation Fab 12 Expansion – Chandler, AZ.  Mr. Kenney was Lead Mechanical Engineer responsible for construction of mechanical systems for this wafer fabrication facility.


Intel Corporation Fab 11 – Rio Rancho, NM.  Project manager for the Fab 11 Central Utility Building which housed boilers, chillers, liquid waste systems, ultra pure water systems, HF waste, and cyanide destruct systems, with all associated piping and HVAC systems.


Intel Corporation Fab 11 - Rio Rancho, NM.  Responsible for the start up of site water systems which included site industrial water, well water systems, piping, 1million gallon fire storage system, and associated controls.


Intel Corporation – Rio Rancho, NM Site Mechanical Engineer 1984-1999.  Provided engineering design for a variety of semiconductor facilities projects including:

·         Cleanroom supply air systems

·         High purity gas distribution systems

·         Ultra High Purity (UPW) water filtration, temperature control, and distribution systems

·         Breathing air systems

·         Process tool installations

·         Process exhaust systems

·         Solvent abatement systems